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Booster vibration rollers, massage guns and vibration balls work fantastic for self-massage. Simply apply pressure and let the vibration do all the work.

Booster Vibratin FAQ

What is the difference between the Booster Vibration and a regular foam roller or trigger point ball?


The Booster Roller has powerful vibration that, when added with the targeted pressure of foam rolling, works much more efficiently and is less painful than using a regular foam roller. It feels amazing on sore muscles and trigger points. It's as powerful as you want it to be and digs deep.


What are the benefits of using a Vibration Foam Roller & Ball?


The penetrating vibration breaks up scar tissue, releases trigger points, flushes lactic acid, stimulates blood flow and enhances localized neural activity.

- Faster Recovery

- Deep Tissue Massage on your own saving time and money on physio, chiro & massage.

- Vibration therapeutically reduces the pain of foam rolling and deep tissue massage.

- Turbocharge your warm-up and increase flexibility and range of motion by stretching with vibration. 

- Improve Circulation and enhance detoxification. 


What sets the Booster Roller apart from other vibration foam rollers?


Power! The Booster Vibration roller is the most powerful product on the market. It's not just about the frequency of the vibration (up to 4500 rpm) but the stroke amplitude of the motor. It’s so powerful that most people cannot control the 5th setting.  But don't worry. There are 5 levels to suit everyone.


Quality and Durability. A 16V rechargeable battery gives over 3 hours of use per charge. The Booster Roller is made with eco friendly EPP, a 100% biodegradable and very durable material.  


How do I use a vibration foam roller & vibration massage ball?


To use the Booster Roller simply apply pressure like you would with a regular foam roller and turn it on to your desired vibration power. You will feel the difference immediately. You will find that the vibration does the work rather than painfully rolling over your trigger points. Simply stop on the tight spots and the vibration will loosen the area. The Booster Roller works best on the feet, legs, hips, lower back and arms. For the upper back and neck we recommend a Vibration Massage Ball. 


How often can I use a vibration foam roller?


Not only can you use it every day, the wonderful thing is that you will WANT to use it every day! It just feels that good. Although you should gradually increase your use within your personal limitations you can use the Booster roller in a multitude of ways. Just a few minutes each day will get you the results that your physiotherapist and massage therapist have been hounding you years for. Even just putting your feet on it after a long day or in the morning with your coffee will work wonders.


Will a vibration foam roller help my back pain?


Yes it can. Especially lower back issues. However,  we recommend a dual or single vibration ball for dealing with back issues. The vibration balls work much better for rolling your back in an upright position, can be used on the neck and have a better ergonomic shape for your spine.


Will a vibration foam roller help sciatica?


Yes. The Ultra Vibration Roller is one of the best tools available to help with sciatica. 


Is a vibration foam roller safe?


Yes, but please do not use the Booster Roller, or any high-intensity vibration device without first consulting with your doctor or if any of the following conditions apply: pregnancy, diabetes with complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage, use of pace-makers, recent surgery, epilepsy, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, or spondylosis, recent joint replacements IUDs, metal pins or plates, or any other concerns you may have about high intensity exercise and your physical health.

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