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Heal Faster with InfraRed Mini

Fight pain and inflammation this winter with the ultimate heat pad.

Infrared Mini personal red light therapy panel with built in stand. The best red light therapy panel in canada.

Use this powerful and high quality personal red light therapy panel directly on, or near, any body part that could use some love. It's like the best heat pad ever, with way more benefits! It's portable, targeted InfraRed light therapy wherever and whenever you need it.

The Best Red Light Therapy Device for Home Use

Red light therapy has never been easier or more affordable. This small yet powerful infrared panel can be used anywhere by anybody. It even has a built in stand and has the same power as larger panels. The best part is that at $299, at home infrared light therapy has never been cheaper! It ships for free to you in Canada, has a 30 return policy and 1 year warranty.

It's just so convenient to put directly on sore joints, tendons and muscles. It's the perfect red light therapy device for targeted areas. Here is how we use it:

  • On your face in the morning for collagen boosting, wrinkle reducing, bright morning light.

  • Put it behind your back in a chair in the office or at home for a sore back & neck.

  • Put your hands and feet on it to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation and fight arthritis.

  • Recover and treat all joint, muscle and tendon target areas with ease.

  • Your plants, pets and family will love it too!

You can also check out our large, in home and commercial, infrared light therapy panels here. They are the best red light therapy panels in Canada.

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