F2C Electro-Durance™ is not like the other guys. Using cutting edge scientific technology, we have selected the optimal blend of electrolytes. F2C Electrodurance uses the most bio-available forms of sodium and potassium in the form of citrates; a patented form of magnesium bisglycinate that ensures high absorption and bioavailability with a low risk of gastrointestinal side effects; organic calcium (Lithothamnium Calcareum) derived from a red seaweed harvested from the Irish coastal waters. This calcium shows a 102% greater calcium uptake than calcium carbonate and over 400% greater than tricalcium phosphate. 


84 Essential and Trace Minerals Needed for Proper Energy Balance + Improves Electrolyte Balance 
+ Enhanced Recovery 
+ Enhances Hydration
 + Helps Eliminate Cramping 
+ Improved Performance

F2C Electro-Durance Unflavored 0 Cal