hydrotab 30 bottle, h2 tablets

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is the smallest bio-available molecule in the universe.  HydroTab puts the power of molecular hydrogen in your pocket. When infused in water it provides multiple benefits, including increased energy and antioxidant activity.


Molecular Hydrogen supports production of the body’s own in-house antioxidants such as Glutathione and SOD. Unlike popular antioxidant therapies such as Vitamin E mega-dosing which wipe out all free radicals including useful ones, H2 only goes after the very worst, preserving the balance of the antioxidant/free radical ecosystem.


H2 can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and easily diffuse into the cell nucleus, where it supports healthy cell metabolism and overall mitochondrial health. 


The incredible health benefits of molecular hydrogen are being discovered by researchers worldwide. More than 1200 research papers and studies now show that molecular hydrogen is beneficial in nearly every facet of human physiology — especially at the cellular level.

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