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Active Recovery with Compression Massage - By Kris Mahler

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I push my body to its limits every day, striving for status only held by Champions.

The training is not easy: Double session’s in the gym 5 days a week, with accessory workouts on the weekend. Off days are a thing of the past with new terms like “active rest” and “flush workout” filling my schedule. It’s grueling but I love the grind, pushing limits is what I do.

My name is Kris Mahler, a Canmore local, currently a member of the Canadian Ski Cross team competing at the World Cup level. Striving to make the next Olympic team is a big goal with many hurdles to overcome, but with the right process in place, that top step of the Olympic podium gets closer every day.

Recovery is often one of the most overlooked aspects of peak performance in any sport or high-performance arena. Compression technology is a fantastic innovation that has helped me and thousands of other top-level athletes recover quicker from stressful workouts. Compression massage is a modern tool not only for elite athletes but for anyone looking to increase blood flow and feel better. It’s like having your own personal masseuse.

Compression massage is also known as dynamic sequential compression, air compression recovery systems, or simply recovery boots. There are also arm and hip sets. They use air pressure to move blood and lymphatic fluid (and all the toxins they contain) from the extremities towards the core to enhance the body's natural detoxification process. Athletes are primarily using it to flush lactic acid. Essentially compression massage works the same as legs up the wall by draining blood and lymphatic fluid to the core.

The compression sleeves will also compress as tight as you like them for a deep tissue massage. Air pressure levels can be adjusted to meet your comfort level. Expect some nice gentle traction in your joints as well. Imagine having 20 blood pressure cuffs or 20 masseuse’s hands sequentially massaging your legs. It feels amazing!

The benefits of using air compression include:

  1. Accelerates recovery time

  2. Reduces muscle soreness by removing post-exercise metabolic waste from muscles

  3. Improves oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to muscles

  4. Reduction of swelling and inflammation

  5. Improved range of motion

  6. Circulates lymphatic fluid for improved immune function

  7. Stimulates the vagus nerve to greatly benefit relaxation and stress management

  8. Increased blood flow for the removal of metabolic waste and increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery to the cellular level

  9. Prevents and helps eliminate first stage varicose veins

  10. Lymphatic drainage aids detoxification

  11. Convenient and easy to multitask with

  12. Touchless massage - hands free

  13. Affordable - A one week rental costs the same as 1 massage. I use them twice a day and share them with my teammates!

Modern Wellness Canmore has been a pinnacle resource for my time spent rehabbing from two major surgeries. They pair many recovery modalities seamlessly together in order to allow my body the atmosphere it needs to heal. The D-Compression lounge is the last stop of the day when I have had an intense workout. When I can feel the lactic acid burn in my legs a 15 min session in the compression sleeves makes my legs feel ready to take on the next workout. I notice the difference between days when I use compression massage and days where I don’t. It can be the difference between me going for a new PR in training or not.

If you want to train like the best you need to recover like the best. Slip these sleeves on and you’ll forget what being sore felt like.


The D-Compression Lounge Massage units are now available for you to rent and use at home. Learn more here

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