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Air Relax 4.0 pro_leg recovery system_compression massage boots_AR-4.0 pump, bag and leg sleeves

Air Relax Pro Leg Recovery System includes - AR-4.0 control unit, a pair of leg sleeves, hose bundle, AC power supply, carrying case (38L) and user manual.


  • Touch Screen - 5.5 inch LCD display.
  • Dual Voltage - Use anywhere in the world indoor or outdoor with voltage independent system and optional battery pack.
  • Customized Chamber Selection - Allows to target/skip desired chamber (s).
  • Digitally Controlled Operation Cycle - Each predefined mode delivers the best therapy/treatment.
  • Built-In Pressure Sensor - Built-in pressure sensor to measure your leg circumference and pressure is evenly distributed to anyone how big or how small people's limbs are.
  • Wide Range Timer - 1-95 min select your own therapy time.
  • Fast Cycle - Swift cycle maximizes treatment time leads to 2-3 more compression sequences per treatment than other recovery systems.
  • Deflate Option - Effortlessly releases the air from your garment. 
  • Wide Pressure Range - Set any pressure in the range of 40mmHg - 170mmHg.
  • User Interface - Straightforward, Provide quick access to all features. 
  • Optional battery pack - Offers 2.5 hours of continuous use with powerful 5,000mAh/72Wh Samsung unit.
  • 6 Chambers - Offers anatomically more accurate layout/design.
  • Durable Garment - High quality 200 Denier Nylon Oxford, coated with 3 mil of polyurethane.
  • Internal Overlapped Design - No gaps between chambers. smooth chamber to chamber pressure transition. 
  • YKK Zippers - All of zippers come from YKK that makes the most dependable zipper in the industry. 
  • Medical Grade Silicone Hose - Non-toxic, lead-free. Tested for bio-compatibility and is appropriate to be used for medical applications and meet a high standards of manufacture, bio-compatibility and safety. 
  • Patent Pending.


Air Relax 4.0 is designed and built for professional use.


Note: Air Relax Pro AR-4.0 is not compatible with AR-2.0 and AR-3.0.

Air Relax Pro 4.0 Leg Recovery System

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