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Peak Power

Here’s a potent energizing blend that supports mental focus and premium hydration without negative side effects. Superfoods and Adaptogens to Power Your Body Like Never Before. Including 100mg of caffeine, Neurofactor, and Guayusa for energy, focus, and Peak Power. This refreshing lemon-lime drink will help keep your performance at its peak every day.


Guayusa • Lion’s Mane • Bacopa


  • High-Performance Energy and Focus
  • Low Sugar and Built-In Hormonal Balance
  • Non-Jittery, Crash-Free, and Adaptive


Focus + Power = Performance

This ultra-hydrating blend is crisp and enlivening with a lemon-lime twist, containing only 1 gram total of sugars per serving. Spark your focus. Recharge your power. Hone your performance every day!


Servings: 20



Peak Power

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