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InfraRed Recovery Wrap

The InfraRed Recovery Wrap is top quality red and infrared light therapy for pain relief, improved athletic performance, recovery, and more! 


Recover faster with powerful red and infrared that you can easy target on any area of the body.  Use it anywhere with a battery pack. It's so easy and convenient to use and speeds recovery where you need it the most. You can easily have it on for active recovery while you are doing something else.


It's essentially the ultimate heat pad plus red and infrared light therapy! You'll be able to feel and notice a difference in just one use. Target the root cause of your pain and feel relief. 


Use it for:

- alleviating body aches and pain

- relieving muscle fatigue.

- improving skin, tendon and joint health

-promoting blood circulation and metabolism




160pcs medical-grade LEDs include 320pcs chips that provide red light and infrared rays with wavelengths of 660nm : 850nm Flexible and comfortable to wear or wrap around the shoulder, waist, abdomen, arms, legs. You can enjoy light therapy anywhere and anytime

InfraRed Recovery Wrap

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