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Cymbiotika D3 K2 CoQ10 bottle front with pump

Cymbiotika’s D3 K2 CoQ10 is an organic blend of the highest quality sourced, plant-based materials available today, supported by countless studies and scientific research.


Cymbiotika - Synergy D3 K2 COQ10 - Immunity Support + Heart Health + Energy Support - Vegan, Keto, Vitamin D3 Supplement - Organic Lemon Flavor


  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH - D3 & K2 support your cardiovascular system while CoQ10 helps control harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • SUPPORT BONE HEALTH - our Vitashine D3 comes from the world’s only vegan source of D3 made from lichen. D3 is a critical nutrient for absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  • CLEAN DELIVERY - Forget capsules, powders or tablets. Our refreshing lemon flavor is made with lemon oil.
  • INGREDIENTS YOU CAN TRUST - ZERO synthetics. Created with organic compounds directly from our earth in a GMP Organic certified lab.
  • ENHANCED ABSORPTION - Micelle Technology is the most advanced delivery system today, guaranteeing nutrients make it into the cell so nothing is wasted.


30 servings.

Cymbiotika Liposomal D3 + K2

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