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Air Relax is a dynamic air compression device with multiple chambers that compress in succession. The Air Relax system increases blood flow through your muscles, which has been shown to aid with sports and other recovery, similar to the effects of a professional massage. Air Relax is the new top choice both for general wellness or high end athletic performance and recovery.

Why choose Air Relax?

The all new Air Relax 4.0 is the ultimate recovery tool. It's the most advanced compression massage system on the market and specifically designed for professional use. It has with 6 chambers and no luxury spared.


The Air Relax 2.0 is the most powerful and affordable compression recovery system available. It's designed for everyday athletic recovery.

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Air Relax team demo

Benefits of Air Relax Compression Therapy:


  • Reduce injury risk and fatigue: Intermittent pneumatic compression removes waste products and helps reduce injury risk and delayed onset muscle soreness.


  • Train harder and more: Regular Air Relax compression therapy after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness. Recover effectively for more days out.


  • Recover Faster and detoxify: Reduce lactic acid buildup and boost oxygen distribution to significantly speed up recovery times. 


  • Increase range of motion: Just 15 minutes of compression therapy has been shown to improve range of motion and flexibility.


Upgrade Your Athletic Recovery Products and Services Today!

  • Offer recovery services without a massage therapist. Its a hands free, self-serve massage. You even get a massage everyday too!

  • Clear ROI on your investment. Multiple profitable revenue streams through pay per use, rentals, and sales. 


  • Upgrade your amenities or services. Add huge value for your athletic customers and staff. 


  • Highly marketable and great for content creation and promotion.


  • Very easy to clean and use.


  • Wholesale pricing and dropshipping available.

Booster Recovery Tools

Booster vibration, vibration trigger point ball, Booster massage Gun, Vibration penut
Booster vibration massage, Booster vibration foam roller, vibration trigger point ball, vi
Booster Light Saber vibration gun, vibration gun attachments and carry case
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Booster Vibration Roller with box, be stronger, recover faster
Booster vibration gun with fork attachment

The penetrating percussion and vibration of Booster Recovery Tools breaks up scar tissue, releases trigger points, flushes lactic acid, stimulates blood flow and enhances localized neural activity.​

  • Use the Booster Massage Gun for deep tissue massage on your own, where and when you need it for faster recovery.

  • Vibration therapeutically reduces the pain of foam rolling and trigger point massage.

  • Turbocharge your warm-up and increase flexibility and range of motion by stretching with Vibration Roller and massaging with the Booster Gun.

  • Improve circulation and enhance detoxification daily.



Booster Massage Gun is the best percussion massage gun in Canada!


As powerful as $500+ massage guns at half the cost. The Booster Massage Gun is a high quality, deep muscle percussion massage tool. Enhance muscle recovery and release stress, tension, and pain with easy to use massage on the go.


The Booster Gun is a professional grade power tool with a 24 V battery, 12mm stroke, adaptive power draw (the harder you push, the more power delivered) and ultra quiet motor. It comes with 6 massage heads, carry case. The Booster Percussion Massage Gun is a top quality massage gun at a very competitive price and ships for free in Canada.

Booster Vibration Rollers and trigger point balls have powerful vibration that works much more efficiently and is less painful than using a regular foam roller. It feels amazing on sore muscles and trigger points. 

I am on a mission to find the right partners to set up Recovery Lounges and offer Air Relax, Booster and other great recovery products in Canada. If you would like to learn more please click the link and I'll show you how to stay ahead of the competition by offering the best recovery products and services available.

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